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Books & Reports
We have extensive experience in the layout and formatting of large publications such as books, annual reports, manuals and directories for clients including EU Organisations and the United Nations.

Larger publications such as these require extensive pre-planning and therefore benefit from our involvement at an early stage where we can assist, advise or confirm general layout and content issues. We can help with image searches, photo editing, charts, tables, maps and graphics or other bespoke content.

If you would like us to create something for you, please use the button below to request a quote for the work.


The following is a gallery of some of our books and reports.
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UNECE Nexus Synthesis Report 2018 68 pages
Themis Action Toolkit 2017 378 pages
Themis Outlook Dec 2013 152 pages
Themis Interpol 116 pages
LWSAP Manual 2016 114 pages
REEEP Annual Report 2011 76 pages
REEEP Annual Report 2010 90 pages
TEAM Success 62 pages
RSC Strategic Handbook 54 pages
Good Practices 92 pages
Water Demand Management Tunisia 2017 28 pages
Skye Tomorrow 68 pages
Skye Investors Inventory 122 pages

We can also produce a series of books designed for different regions or departments.

LWSAP Manual 114 pages
LWSAP Manual (Jordan) 56 pages
LWSAP Manual (Jordan) 55 pages
LWSAP Manual (Jordan) 54 pages
LWSAP Manual (Jordan) 44 pages
LWSAP Manual (Tunisia) 55 pages
LWSAP Manual (Tunisia) 53 pages
LWSAP Manual (Tunisia) 38 pages
LWSAP Manual (Tunisia) 54 pages