Falu Studios

We can create stunning graphics for standard visual media such as graphs, charts, diagrams and maps to accentuate important content.

However, we can also create incredible infographic solutions to really help your publication or website stand out and get noticed.

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information and data. With the rise of social media and the internet, these visual devices are becoming increasingly important due to their ability to convey information in a concise and graphic format.

We are currrently developing our standalone Infographics Gallery contains a range of both static and fully interactive graphics in a range of categories.


Infographics can improve understanding using visual patterns, movements and connections without the need for long text-based explanations thereby making best use of the space available to convey the message. They are also more attractive to be shared via social media than a long passage of text.

They can either be used as standalone posters and images, as a means to grab attention or, in the case of online versions, to engage the user interactively.

If you would like us to create something for you, please use the button below to request a quote for the work.


The following is a gallery of some of our infographics.
indicates that an interactive version is available to view in our Infographics Gallery

Open Champions
Open Champions 1860-2017 Standalone Infographic
US Masters
US Masters Standalone Infographic
Route Masters
Route Masters Standalone Infographic
US Masters Champions
US Masters Champions Standalone Infographic
PGA Tour - Top 5
PGA Tour - Top 5 Standalone Infographic
Falu Studios Workflow
Falu Studios Workflow Standalone Infographic
Watersum Report Structure Wheel
Watersum Navigation Series
NFL Injuries (Body)
NFL Injuries (Body) Standalone Infographic
Super Bowl Passes
Super Bowl Passes Standalone Infographic
Women At the Winter Olympics
Women At the Winter Olympics Standalone Infographic
REEEP World Map
REEEP Report Graphics
REEEP Timeline
REEEP Report Chart