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£60* WordPress Face-lift
Many small businesses are reluctant to use professional web design services due to a perception of expense and a feeling of being out of their comfort zone.

WordPress is a widely-used web platform that allows users to build and manage their own sites using an extensive Content Management System. There are hundreds of site templates that are fully responsive, meaning they are guaranteed to work across all devices. However, WordPress is still not particularly easy to use, with a minefield of management tools and settings that can be hard to locate or understand.

Why have a free DIY site that looks DIY, when you can have a £60 DIY site that looks pro?

Since WordPress is neither developed with novices nor expert programmers in mind, it is still a little daunting to use. If you have decided to go down the route of developing your site yourself and have done the best you can but still feel that it needs a professional touch, we can help.

Our Face-Lift service is intended to tidy up and enhance your work to make it look more like it was produced at great cost, all for a nominal small fee.

Our service includes;

Menu tidy up
Page tidy up
Template corrections
Link corrections

We do not add or edit actual page content or menu items unless simple to do and requested by the client. You remain in charge of the content, we just spruce it up.

Once we are done, you take control of the site again and manage the new, revamped content.

*Our fee for this service is £60-£100 depending on the size of the site.

If you would like us to spruce up your website for you, please use the button below to request a quote for the work.



£60 face-lift